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Mar 30, 2017 | Blog

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These days, competition for jobs is fiercer than ever and to be able to compete you seriously have to up your game. By far, one of the most frustrating things about going for a job is not even getting as far as the interview.

Your CV is more than a mere stepping-stone to get you the interview you want. It is the prospective employer’s first impression of you and one that will last throughout the recruitment process and beyond. Spending time and effort making sure that your CV is outstanding will pay dividends for your job search. Here are some basic tips that can see your CV getting to, and staying at, the top of the pile.

Keep it succinct

You only have 2 pages maximum in order to fit in everything you want on your CV. You don’t have space for any ‘fluff’ and your prospective employer certainly doesn’t have time for it. Review your CV several times before sending and cut out anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Most employers spend only around 6 seconds skimming a CV so you have to make sure yours is ‘skim-friendly’ by keeping it on point throughout.

Boost your accomplishments

Your achievements are one of the most important parts of your CV. They show your prospective employer what kind of professional you really are far better than any words can, so don’t overlook the importance of them when writing your CV. Highlight them on your CV so they don’t get overlooked.

Don’t just bullet-point previous responsibilities

It’s very tempting, in order to save space, to simply list the responsibilities you had with each of your roles and assume whoever is reading your CV will ‘get it’. This is a bad idea – don’t leave anything open to interpretation, least of all the responsibilities you had at previous jobs. Take them time (and space) to give a brief description about what certain responsibilities entailed and how you approached them. A line or two will suffice.

Add stats

They might be boring to your friends, but to an employer they are hard evidence that you are good at your work. Did you save your last company money year on year? If so, how much? If you have the stats, use them!


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a CV. You need to tailor a new CV for every job you apply to. Analyse the job description to find out exactly what they are looking for and highlight those attributes on your CV. Pay attention to keywords that CVs might be categorised with according to role and make sure you add them in.

Creating the perfect CV takes time and effort but is crucial to successful job searching. The most important thing to keep in mind is what your prospective employer wants to know about you as a candidate for the specific role you’re going for.

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